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BEIJING nike air max wholesale china australia , Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- The year 2014 has witnessed legal progress in China, particularly pardons and retrials, proving that the truth will out.


One high profile case this year was that of Huugjilt from Inner Mongolia, who was found guilty of raping and murdering a woman in a public toilet in Hohhot on April 9, 1996, and executed two months later. At the time of his death, he was 18 years old.


It was announced last week that he had been pardoned. Another man confessed to the murder in 2005 but the case was not reviewed until this year.




"Historically nike air max wholesale australia , illegal methods such as torture and forced testimony were present in almost every miscarriage of justice," said Zhang Liyong, president of the Higher People's Court of central China's Henan Province.


China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) issued new directives last month, ruling that any evidence obtained through torture or intimidation would be nullified in criminal prosecution cases, and death penalty cases under appeal.


"Evidence must be valued. The traditional belief that a testimony is the most paramount [piece of evidence] should be changed, and more attention should be paid to examining and using material evidence," the document said.


Zhang said the new rules represent major progress in the protection of the legal rights of defendants.


Lawyer with the Beijing Yanyuan law firm Liu Hui said although China's judicial environment was improving nike shoes wholesale australia , not everyone responsible had been brought to justice. Only a handful of case corrections had been carried out, and many were the result of media, public and legal team pressure.


While Huugjilt's name was cleared, many say the battle is far from won.


On Dec. 15, the day when the Mongolian teenager's innocence was announced, a taskforce was formed by the regional Higher People's Court to investigate those responsible for this miscarriage of justice.


Two days later, the deputy director of the public security bureau of Hohhot nike tns wholesale australia , Feng Zhiming, was detained. Feng was not only in charge of the case but also awarded -- and later promoted -- for the speedy handling of Huugjilt's case.


Director of the criminal law committee of the All China Lawyers' Association, Tian Wenchang, lauded the speed at which action was taken following Huugjilt's pardon.


"It shows that China is determined to correct its judicial mistakes," he said, adding that he hoped investigations became transparent, so the public could play a part in monitoring the country's legal processes.




Huugjilt's case resonated with a lot of people cheap nike air max wholesale , at home and abroad, with many extending sympathy.


"He was finally found innocent, but we only have one life, and he can not be brought back," an Internet user nicknamed Laozhangdashu lamented.


Even those who escaped the death sentence have had their lives ruined by miscarriages of justice.


Despite being pardoned, at 62, Zhao Zuohai lives like a vagrant.


Zhao served 11 years behind bars after he was tortured into confessing to murdering a man who was later found alive. He was acquitted in 2010 and received 650 nike air max 90 wholesale ,000 yuan (about 104,640 U.S. dollars) in compensation from the state.


Huugjilt's case brought Zhao once again under the spotlight.


Zhao has been mocked even by his own family and relatives for not knowing what to do with his compensation. He and his wife live a transient life, wandering from place to place hawking products to eke out a living.


"An old man of my age cannot compete with young people for jobs. Life is too hard. I cannot think about the future, I only live one day at a time," he explained.


After Zhao was pardoned, three judges involved in Zhao's trial were suspended. Five policemen convicted of torturing Zhao during his interrogation received prison terms ranging from 18 months to two years.


"I am illiterate. I don't read the news. But I always believe the judicial system's work is to bring the bad guys to justice, not to abuse innocent people like me nike air max 95 wholesale ," he said.


Zhao said he can not find it in his heart to forgive those to blame for his illegal incarceration: "Nothing could make up for what I lost."




Ning Jingjing with the people's procuratorate of a district in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia, said Huugjilt's case had shaken up the procuratorate.


"We were told to pay attention to trial procedures at a special meeting convened following Huugjilt's pardon this month," she said. "For instance, keeping audio records and putting time limits on interrogations must now be strictly enforced."


A 2013 regulation stipulates that judges, prosecutors and police had "lifelong responsibility" for their cases.


"This is a warning that hangs over us whenever we are handling a case," said Ning.


However nike air max 97 wholesale , many say judicial loopholes remain.


"Even now, some police officers still believe that testimonies, however achieved, even through torture, are mostly true," said Tian Wenchang.


Peng Shengli from the public security department of Inner Mongolia told Xinhua that those handling a case had to "follow superiors' instructions, even if they personally did not agree with the decisions".


"It will take time for China to shake off the 'rule of man' mentality nike air max wholesale china free shipping ," he said.


But Tian remained optimistic. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee this October made rule of law its central theme for the first time in the Party's history.


In Hohhot, Huugjilt's brother told reporters that he hoped his brother's case would "make judges, prosecutors and police officers more cautious. No more erroneous judgments in the future."


After hearing about her son's pardon, Huugjilt's mother Shang Aiyun made a phone call to Zhang Huanzhi, whose son Nie Shubin was executed in 1995 at the age of

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